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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?

August 24th, 2004

wow i feel kinda sleepy @ 12:20 am

Current Music: Beck - "loser"

its only midnight and i feel kinda tired, this is weird. i might go to bed...early!? wow. thats a weird thing for me to say. i was just kind of dozing off in my chair.

so i realized that i have been to lazy to get up and put on cd's and that my winamp keeps freezing my computer everytime i use it now so i have been listening to the radio a lot. surprisingly, i am not disappointed. y100 is kind of decent (most of the time). i am a bit surprised.

speaking of my shitty computer... kristy wants to go to king of prussia on my next day off (which is sunday by the way).and regina told me there is a MAC store there. i think i want to look into an I-Book.regina said that they have these loans you can get for your computer and then u make monthly payments. because i am so sick of my computer and PC's in general. i want a MAC like you wouldn't believe. i figure i could make the payments with my workstudy paychecks. because i am going to be saving and spending with my Mood checks.the only draw back is that i think you have to have good credit and my paarents may have potentially ruined mine without my consent. hence the lack of being able to get a college loan this year and having to ask a stranger. but if we go,i guess i'll just price around and see what happens.

so i whenever i talk to kate about how i am frustrated she tells me things like "lower my standards". and i usually just am like "eh, whatever" but i was thinking about it today and realized thats a horrible thing to say. my standards are high for a reason. because i want someone decent and not just anyone who will say yes. yeah it's been a year but that is because no one has been worth my time,no one has been good enough for me. if a guy thinks my standards are to high then they obviously don't reach them and are not worth talking to.i'm not in high school anymore where i would just like anyone that liked me and end up in these horrible situations. but i don't take back the fact that i used to be that way because i know better now. i know how i was then and how i am now and that the person i am now is so much smarter and stronger than the girl i was then. even recent crushes i had ceased because i realized how bad they were for me. and how much being with them would have made me feel low and hurt my esteem. i am way stronger than that. i don't need it. and as far as good karma is concerned ,hopefully, i'll be getting a lot of it next time i meet someone. i'll meet someone who is just all around amazing and it will have been worth having to wait a year. as for the frustration, a girl's best friend is her vibrator. any girl who disagrees probably doesn't own one and thats kind of sad. every girl should know her own body and odds are if she doesn't own a vibrator she doesn't know how her own body works.if any girl on my LJ friends list doesn't have one...come to my store,i'll hook you up with a bullet,lol.speaking of bullets, i think i am going to get the voice activated one. how amazing of a foreplay toy would that be?talking dirty is already hot, then add vibrations to the mix and it's just all around wonderful.

so speaking of work, i dunno if its me getting back into the school spirit, but i went around the front of the store and color coordinated/balanced almost the whole front of the store. although i don't think anyone cared. but i felt accomplished so i guess thats what matters.
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Date:August 24th, 2004 12:55 am (UTC)
just dont get an electric one. that might end badly.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?