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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?

August 23rd, 2004

i am a goddess no matter what anyone says :-) @ 09:56 pm

NlCI L0VE: my classes start wednesday + full time job
klatty: haha funnnnn
klatty: busssy
NlCI L0VE: very,lol
klatty: heh eyah i feel yahj
NlCI L0VE: haha
NlCI L0VE: yeah theres no chance of me gettin laid now,lol
klatty: aww haha
klatty: id say well maybe ull find some boys at shcool but not in ur case heh
NlCI L0VE: haha yup... that is one thing this school lacks
NlCI L0VE: jeezy creezy, i work at a sex shop, i should be looked to as a goddess for christ sake!
NlCI L0VE: :::sighs:::

klatty: haha yah really u know what ur talking about
NlCI L0VE: exactly!
NlCI L0VE: somethin doesnt seem right,lol
klatty: haha
klatty: aww

so its almost 9:15 and i have yet to shower today. i feel gross but the comfortableness of my chair over powers my gross feeling.so here i sit. i have to go for clearance for classes tommorow morning so i can start classes on wednesday. i can't believe my first day of classes is my busiest day. but at least i know i won't have to pay attention in photography since i'm dropping the class. i just don't have the time for it,unfortunately.i didn't know i'd be having a full time job as well when i signed up for it.

so i almost sent pete a text message telling him i had a crush on him but since it was 3:30 am i ended up turning it off instead of sending it. it's probably better this way anyways. i need to see how i feel after he shaves his head.my subconcious didn't want me sending it, i guess,lol.

so i have to find some way to get home to the doctor to get more blood work and such so i figure that i would get my bloodsugar checked while i was there. i wanna be checked for being a diabetic. me and pete talk about our conditions all the time and mine sounds really similar to his. and he gave me glucose tabs to take whenever i feel light headed and can't get to food. yeah, they totally work.

so at work it's been ok but strange, regina talks to me more and jason has been talking to me less.he just got back from florida and has been a bit moody,and so maybe he'll be better next time i work with him. but then again i was also shunning people because i'm sick. i didn't want to hack on everyone and get them sick. so who knows? guess we'll see what happens next time.

linnea and kristy came down yesterday plus everyone moved back in. chesney is my neighbor now :-) . i'm so happy to have everyone back but so scared about overwhelming myself with work. so i am happy and sad about school starting all at the same time.

i made 3 new icons... i made 1 my default.. the other 2 you'll see next 2 posts,i guess.
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Date:August 24th, 2004 12:56 am (UTC)
join the ranks of the unclean! THE UNCLEAN!!!!

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?