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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?

art purge! @ 02:39 am

Current Music: live - "lakini's juice"

so me and kristy walked around for a while. she got a skirt in which she haggled the price down 10 dollars and i got the 2nd issue of rogue. i also have 3 issues of squee on hold for tommorow after i ger paid. then i need to hit up trader joe's and i have to pay my rent (for the last time). oh yeah and we hit up salvataion army as well. we have some things to do tommorow before i go to work as well.

so me and kristy get back here around 5 and we ended up going on a 8 hour art purge. we didn't even realized so much time had gone by. but i did all the work i had been meaning to do all summer in one night. and kristy painted one as well. she wants to learn to paint so i was giving her a little tutorial. hopefully ther will be more lessons,i kinda liked it. but i was amazed at the amount that wa accomplished without even realizing how much time had passed. we were both in our zone so the time just flew by.it didn't feel like that long at all.

i'm wondering if i should post these peices somewhere and try to sell them. and if so,how much do i sell them for?

this is something i should find out.

and i think linnea is coming to visit on sunday. so that will be cool and gives me a reason to put the things i have on hold at work back..

because i don't need them and i could use that money to eat out with her.

so after i get the few things i have stated i need, that i all. no more spending til food with linnea and kristy.

oh and i got the coolest idea for a video peice the other day. i just need a video camera, a stand for it, a boy,a girl,and someone who can do video editing. it's to a mimsies song called "the ballad of nikki sixx" . both people are mouth the words and its going to be shot at two different times in two different places and it's going to be spliced like they are communicating and also to the beat of the song. the girl is going to have the camera looking straight at her and she is going to be in her underwear(preferably black) and freaking out and just going crazy to the song. the boy is going to be the opposite. his camera angle is going to be close-ups and on a diagonal and he is pretty much just going to be sitting there, i may have him move or get up every so often... i'd decide that if this really happens. and he is going to be in jeans and a tank top(preferably a white one)but it's going to be edited generally fast paced. especially closer to the end of the song.

i think it'd be really cool if it could happen.
i think i am going ask for a video camera for christmas to help the project along,lol.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?