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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?

why am i not sleeping right now? @ 09:26 am

Current Mood: tired tired

so work was really busy but tolerable because everyone was entertaining again. although the air conditioner decided to not work so it was crowded ,hot, and smelly because of this. but afterward all of us went to tattooed mom's for some alcohol,lol. i had a beer and a martini and i could definately say i was drunk. after mom's leslie went home and me,jason, and pete went to jason's to chillout for a while.we were just sitting around talking and asking me really random questions about being female. it sounds strange but it was quite funny. jason kicked us out at about 4ish. and i keep discovering that me and pete have more in common than i had expected. i find that out when ever i have a one on one conversation with him. and we finally exchanged numbers tonight because we were talking about watching rocky horror in the near future. and we were also discussing going to the live showing if there is one coming around soon because he has never been and every big rocky horror fan just must. and honestly, i'd love to see him in drag,lol. but yeah there were a few moments where i contemplated telling him i have a tad of a crush on him but,as per usual, i was hesitant. but i figure maybe if we actually start to hang out then i could see more clearly if i should or not.

i had caffiene and alcohol today and now i'm not asleep. i shouldn't do that again.

one vice a day from now on.

wow,my "a" key just snapped off.interesting.

ok , so why on the day that i have been anticipating all week does it decide to flood?
why do the fates hate me?

i set my alarm for 10...
thats in a 1/2 hour...
should i bother trying to sleep again?

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?