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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?

August 30th, 2004

Do Not Enter... @ 06:24 pm

This Journal is now Friends-Only


August 29th, 2004

:::sighs::: @ 11:39 am

Current Mood: depressed depressed

i just went through all the condoms i had in the rubber duck and threw out the expired ones.... EXPIRED ONES!

i had them unused for so long that they expired!

that's seriously really depressing

(no subject) @ 03:12 am

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated
Current Music: franz ferdinand - take me out

i forgot to mention that there were good looking boys everywhere today for some reason. there were at least 2 every place i went.

i was nuts,i think the fates are taunting me.

i'll cry over spilt milk all i want, it's gross when it's stuck to your desk... @ 03:10 am

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

so i just got in from work and there was old,solidified milk that some how had flown from one side of my room to the other and all over things. it was dried and everything. i just spent so long cleaning it and i still don't think i got it all. oh my god, it was so gross.i hope my room doesn't start to smell like sour milk now.

but anyways, work was tolerable today... before hand i went and spent all my money on art supplies,underwear,comics,and food. i have about 40 left,i think.although i was hitting myself because i bought 3 issues of this comic called "the witching" but then when i got to south street the comic store there had almost everything i had been looking for for months. and they had all the trade paperbacks of kabuki. i almost died right there in showcase comics.and they were right next to the trade paperback of squee! i wanted to scream.and they had filler bunny!both issues!


i need lots of money to spend on comic books now!

if they had the 2nd devi i think i may have shit myself.

but i am now officially collecting rogue,all of jhonen's stuff,kabuki,dreary and naughty, and the witching.

being a geek is fun but draining on the wallet.just like being an artist, or having to eat.

but yeah... back to work. i was a little uncomfortable at work for a short period of time when jason was being all fun and awesome with the new girl so i thought maybe that he was just cool til the next cool person came along.but when she left at 9, shortly afterward jason was talking to me and being partially the way he usually has been with me. so i think in a few more days of working with him everything will feel cool to me again.but yeah,despite that the new girl is really cool. i approve of her.there is one more new girl that hasn't started yet. i hope she is equally as cool.

haha this is completely out of context because the whole story wouldn't be as funny in type but the important part was that pete said i had a cute butt today,lol.

i need to say something soon or i am going to explode (that happens to me sometimes,hehe).but i dunno if i should wait a little longer to see if he shaves his head and how he looks with said shaved head.but if this happens soon i am going to be sad because he took his hair out of the braids today and his hair was flat and long again. i swear to you i was so close to jumpin him right there in the store. i just dunno if those same emotions will be there if he lacks the pretty hair.but if he has the hair next time i close with him... i'm saying something on the walk home,or i am going to at least try to.

one last note: it will be officially a year since sex in about 3 days.


August 28th, 2004

work work work @ 10:46 am

so life at moore has resumed itself and right now it's tolerable but who knows how fast it could become enough to pull one's paint filled hair out.i got paid yesterday so i got some supplies. i am going to get a few more today.i'll probably rule out what's not as important(although i think it all is,becuase all supplies are important.).so i am going to go out soon and get charcoal and photopaper and probably a few other things,maybe my italian books.

so i've been falling asleep at a somewhat early hour(for me anyways). i fell asleep at 1:30 last night and the night before... midnight! it feels so weird.
i'm getting enough sleep and i still feel tired. i don't think i'm ever going to win this fight.

so i just have this weird urge to pursue and act on this crush i've had on pete for a while. i'm a bit apprehensive about it because of how he and jason are so attached. and i know jason just got back from florida and all but the little while he's been back he hasn't been as talkative with me. but my level of chatting with everyone else has skyrocketed.although, reesha is leaving so thats sad but i am also happy for her because she has been here 4 years and is finally going to a job that is going to pay her what she deserves to be paid. but yeah, it feels like i'm new again with jason and i have to re-aquaint myself for some reason. i sort of silence up around him a little ,like i had just been hired, and i don't know why.well, i think i'm closing with him and pete tonight so i guess i can work on that. and maybe i'll get invited out again. although no one really goes out anymore jason and pete just go drink and smoke up at jason's place and then go to sleep.

oh i almost forgot, me and pete were talking about what he should do with his hair and i told him he was cute... that's a step! i figure i could work from there.

the one new girl gretchin is really cool. she's an artist as well and seems really awesome. we hired one more person who hasn't started yet. i hope they are equally as cool.

Poll #342267 pursuing pete

should i tell pete i like him VIA text message.

do it some other way (make suggestions if u chose this one, and remember,i'm a chicken,lol)

August 24th, 2004

(no subject) @ 12:49 am

wow ..bloodhound gang is on the radio...

that blew my mind.

i mean it's the mammals song but still, it shocked me.

kind wish it was something older though.

old bloodhound gang is awesome.

wow i feel kinda sleepy @ 12:20 am

Current Music: Beck - "loser"

its only midnight and i feel kinda tired, this is weird. i might go to bed...early!? wow. thats a weird thing for me to say. i was just kind of dozing off in my chair.

so i realized that i have been to lazy to get up and put on cd's and that my winamp keeps freezing my computer everytime i use it now so i have been listening to the radio a lot. surprisingly, i am not disappointed. y100 is kind of decent (most of the time). i am a bit surprised.

speaking of my shitty computer... kristy wants to go to king of prussia on my next day off (which is sunday by the way).and regina told me there is a MAC store there. i think i want to look into an I-Book.regina said that they have these loans you can get for your computer and then u make monthly payments. because i am so sick of my computer and PC's in general. i want a MAC like you wouldn't believe. i figure i could make the payments with my workstudy paychecks. because i am going to be saving and spending with my Mood checks.the only draw back is that i think you have to have good credit and my paarents may have potentially ruined mine without my consent. hence the lack of being able to get a college loan this year and having to ask a stranger. but if we go,i guess i'll just price around and see what happens.

so i whenever i talk to kate about how i am frustrated she tells me things like "lower my standards". and i usually just am like "eh, whatever" but i was thinking about it today and realized thats a horrible thing to say. my standards are high for a reason. because i want someone decent and not just anyone who will say yes. yeah it's been a year but that is because no one has been worth my time,no one has been good enough for me. if a guy thinks my standards are to high then they obviously don't reach them and are not worth talking to.i'm not in high school anymore where i would just like anyone that liked me and end up in these horrible situations. but i don't take back the fact that i used to be that way because i know better now. i know how i was then and how i am now and that the person i am now is so much smarter and stronger than the girl i was then. even recent crushes i had ceased because i realized how bad they were for me. and how much being with them would have made me feel low and hurt my esteem. i am way stronger than that. i don't need it. and as far as good karma is concerned ,hopefully, i'll be getting a lot of it next time i meet someone. i'll meet someone who is just all around amazing and it will have been worth having to wait a year. as for the frustration, a girl's best friend is her vibrator. any girl who disagrees probably doesn't own one and thats kind of sad. every girl should know her own body and odds are if she doesn't own a vibrator she doesn't know how her own body works.if any girl on my LJ friends list doesn't have one...come to my store,i'll hook you up with a bullet,lol.speaking of bullets, i think i am going to get the voice activated one. how amazing of a foreplay toy would that be?talking dirty is already hot, then add vibrations to the mix and it's just all around wonderful.

so speaking of work, i dunno if its me getting back into the school spirit, but i went around the front of the store and color coordinated/balanced almost the whole front of the store. although i don't think anyone cared. but i felt accomplished so i guess thats what matters.

August 23rd, 2004

i am a goddess no matter what anyone says :-) @ 09:56 pm

NlCI L0VE: my classes start wednesday + full time job
klatty: haha funnnnn
klatty: busssy
NlCI L0VE: very,lol
klatty: heh eyah i feel yahj
NlCI L0VE: haha
NlCI L0VE: yeah theres no chance of me gettin laid now,lol
klatty: aww haha
klatty: id say well maybe ull find some boys at shcool but not in ur case heh
NlCI L0VE: haha yup... that is one thing this school lacks
NlCI L0VE: jeezy creezy, i work at a sex shop, i should be looked to as a goddess for christ sake!
NlCI L0VE: :::sighs:::

klatty: haha yah really u know what ur talking about
NlCI L0VE: exactly!
NlCI L0VE: somethin doesnt seem right,lol
klatty: haha
klatty: aww

so its almost 9:15 and i have yet to shower today. i feel gross but the comfortableness of my chair over powers my gross feeling.so here i sit. i have to go for clearance for classes tommorow morning so i can start classes on wednesday. i can't believe my first day of classes is my busiest day. but at least i know i won't have to pay attention in photography since i'm dropping the class. i just don't have the time for it,unfortunately.i didn't know i'd be having a full time job as well when i signed up for it.

so i almost sent pete a text message telling him i had a crush on him but since it was 3:30 am i ended up turning it off instead of sending it. it's probably better this way anyways. i need to see how i feel after he shaves his head.my subconcious didn't want me sending it, i guess,lol.

so i have to find some way to get home to the doctor to get more blood work and such so i figure that i would get my bloodsugar checked while i was there. i wanna be checked for being a diabetic. me and pete talk about our conditions all the time and mine sounds really similar to his. and he gave me glucose tabs to take whenever i feel light headed and can't get to food. yeah, they totally work.

so at work it's been ok but strange, regina talks to me more and jason has been talking to me less.he just got back from florida and has been a bit moody,and so maybe he'll be better next time i work with him. but then again i was also shunning people because i'm sick. i didn't want to hack on everyone and get them sick. so who knows? guess we'll see what happens next time.

linnea and kristy came down yesterday plus everyone moved back in. chesney is my neighbor now :-) . i'm so happy to have everyone back but so scared about overwhelming myself with work. so i am happy and sad about school starting all at the same time.

i made 3 new icons... i made 1 my default.. the other 2 you'll see next 2 posts,i guess.

August 21st, 2004

(no subject) @ 01:12 pm

i did a mega update of my art site...

go check it out, if you'd like ...



August 20th, 2004

art purge! @ 02:39 am

Current Music: live - "lakini's juice"

so me and kristy walked around for a while. she got a skirt in which she haggled the price down 10 dollars and i got the 2nd issue of rogue. i also have 3 issues of squee on hold for tommorow after i ger paid. then i need to hit up trader joe's and i have to pay my rent (for the last time). oh yeah and we hit up salvataion army as well. we have some things to do tommorow before i go to work as well.

so me and kristy get back here around 5 and we ended up going on a 8 hour art purge. we didn't even realized so much time had gone by. but i did all the work i had been meaning to do all summer in one night. and kristy painted one as well. she wants to learn to paint so i was giving her a little tutorial. hopefully ther will be more lessons,i kinda liked it. but i was amazed at the amount that wa accomplished without even realizing how much time had passed. we were both in our zone so the time just flew by.it didn't feel like that long at all.

i'm wondering if i should post these peices somewhere and try to sell them. and if so,how much do i sell them for?

this is something i should find out.

and i think linnea is coming to visit on sunday. so that will be cool and gives me a reason to put the things i have on hold at work back..

because i don't need them and i could use that money to eat out with her.

so after i get the few things i have stated i need, that i all. no more spending til food with linnea and kristy.

oh and i got the coolest idea for a video peice the other day. i just need a video camera, a stand for it, a boy,a girl,and someone who can do video editing. it's to a mimsies song called "the ballad of nikki sixx" . both people are mouth the words and its going to be shot at two different times in two different places and it's going to be spliced like they are communicating and also to the beat of the song. the girl is going to have the camera looking straight at her and she is going to be in her underwear(preferably black) and freaking out and just going crazy to the song. the boy is going to be the opposite. his camera angle is going to be close-ups and on a diagonal and he is pretty much just going to be sitting there, i may have him move or get up every so often... i'd decide that if this really happens. and he is going to be in jeans and a tank top(preferably a white one)but it's going to be edited generally fast paced. especially closer to the end of the song.

i think it'd be really cool if it could happen.
i think i am going ask for a video camera for christmas to help the project along,lol.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

Will You Be Remembered?